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A Ohio attic before installation of SuperAttic
A Cleveland attic with SuperAttic installed.

Before & After. The SuperAttic system protects your house against energy losses by putting a continuous & airtight layer of foam insulation beneath the attic rafters and inside the attic's gable walls.

Making a house as airtight and well-insulated as possible is essential if you want to cut heating and cooling costs. This sealing and insulating priority is more important in the attic than anywhere else in the house. The SuperAttic™ home attic insulation system from Dr. Energy Saver overcomes the limitations of other attic energy upgrades, offering superior energy performance throughout the year as well as a neater, cleaner appearance and more usable attic space.

The top of the house is a top priority when improving a home's energy performance. Dr. Energy Saver's SuperAttic home attic insulation system eliminates the shortcomings of conventional attic sealing and insulating strategies, resulting in a clean, open and accessible attic space that's super energy efficient. Call or email today for a Free Estimate for your house.

Dr. Energy Saver contractors offer Free Estimates on the SuperAttic home attic insulation system. Our company provides SuperAttic installation to Greater Cleveland, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Medina, Massillon, Lorain, Elyria, Strongsville, Chagrin Falls, Lakewood, Cuyahoga Falls, Ravenna, Westlake, North Royalton, Bedford, North Olmsted, Painesville, Brunswick, North Canton, Alliance, Barberton, Wooster, Kent, Hudson, Gates Mills, Stow, Willoughby, Beachwood, as well as surrounding Ohio areas.

What is the SuperAttic™ system and how does it work?

The SuperAttic™ system utilizes proprietary SilverGlo™ rigid foam insulation panels to fully seal and insulate the attic directly beneath the roof rafters and inside the gable ends. The SuperAttic system creates a continuous air and insulation barrier with no thermal bridging to compromise energy performance. With SuperAttic installed in your house, roof ventilation is maintained without allowing exterior air to enter the attic space. As an added benefit, SilverGlo™ insulation panels include an integral radiant barrier that further reduces heating and cooling costs.

Installing a SuperAttic system in a typical house usually takes just a day or two. Unlike conventional attic insulation and sealing upgrades, the SuperAttic system allows attic flooring and storage areas to remain in place, eliminating the need to tear out flooring material and relocate stored items.

Insulating and sealing an attic with our attic insulation system

Once and done. A typical SuperAttic installation can be completed in one or two days, and is a permanent, no-maintenance "green" improvement.

Advantages of the SuperAttic system

How was the SuperAttic system invented?

Building scientists, the experts who study how buildings use and lose energy, have known for years that a house loses more energy through the attic than anywhere else, due to the Stack Effect. Inside the house, warm air rises naturally by convection, leaking into the attic through numerous gaps, cracks and passageways. Air leaking out of the house causes an equal volume of outside air to be drawn into the house through leaks in lower areas. With conditioned air leaking out of the house and unconditioned air leaking in, you're wasting energy and money 24 hours a day.

Sealing leaks in the attic floor can short-circuit the Stack Effect, but it's usually impossible to do this effectively. There are simply too many leaks and too many obstacles like existing insulation, ductwork and attic flooring, so air leakage and energy losses continue. Blowing additional fiberglass or cellulose insulation into the attic will reduce energy losses, but the effectiveness on this added insulation is compromised by gaps around recessed light fixtures, HVAC components and attic flooring.

Dr. Energy Saver invented the SuperAttic system to overcome common attic insulation and air-sealing problems and offer homeowners a high-performance alternative to blowing fiberglass or cellulose insulation into attic spaces. The SuperAttic system has already drawn praise from customers who are enjoying vastly-improved energy performance along with attic storage and the system's neat, clean appearance.

Is the SuperAttic system a smart choice for my house?

An effective attic insulation system in a Cuyahoga Falls home

Tight sealing techniques. Each SilverGlo™ insulation panel is sealed to attic framing and to neighboring panels. The result is a thick, uniform layer of insulation that includes a radiant barrier for additional energy savings.

The SuperAttic system can help many homeowners save energy and cut heating and cooling expenses. But it's more suitable for some attics than for others. To find out if a SuperAttic system makes sense for your house, see how many of the following statements are true.

If more than two of the statements above apply to you and your house, a SuperAttic system could be a smart investment. Call or email Dr. Energy Saver for a free attic inspection and attic insulation estimate.

Dr. Energy Saver contractors offer Free Estimates on the SuperAttic home attic insulation system. Our company provides SuperAttic installation to Akron, Cleveland, Canton, Medina, Massillon, Lorain, Elyria, Strongsville, Chagrin Falls, Lakewood, Hudson, Cuyahoga Falls, Ravenna, Bedford, North Royalton, Westlake, North Olmsted, Wooster, Painesville, Alliance, Kent, North Canton, Beachwood, Barberton, Willoughby, Gates Mills, Stow, Brunswick as well as surrounding Ohio areas.

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